You don’t need New Year’s Resolutions – just get something done!

closet organizing to do

This is the ideal time of year to get things done indoors. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is behind, and the next major holiday is not until May. Sure there is Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day, but those “celebrations” are only a few hours, enough for a break, but not significant enough to hold you back. In the upper part of the country, landscapes require little attention. The stretch of January through March is an ideal time of year to focus on projects, especially indoor ones around the home.

The air is dryer and the temperatures are easier to keep cool, providing greater comfort during activity. Using higher wattage lights while working on your projects while help stave off the SAD…seasonal affective disorder.  The dark dreary days will pass by quicker, and before you know it, spring will spring upon you.  And you will have improved your home, bringing more enjoyment to your castle.

What to do?  Without trying you can work on three of the most popular New year resolutions: to lose weight, start exercising, and to get organized.  By purging, cleaning, freshening, and organizing your closets and other storage areas of your home, you can engage in physical activity, declutter your home, and create a new sparkle at the same time.  And when spring arrives, you will find it easier to get your butt outside and enjoy the outdoors, knowing when you come back inside you will encounter a neater, more stress free environment.

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