Shoe shelves and more!

Does this happen to you?

Tired of piles of shoes jumbled together and hidden by the clothes hanging above?   Like socks, shoes easily lose their mates, and the common shoe pile almost guarantees it.

What to do?

That’s easy! Sort the pile and match all the shoes.  Stand them up and point the toes all the same way. Group by work, dressy, casual, and athletic.  Line them up in rows.  Looks great – done.  Yeah right, like they are going to stay that way.  Wink

Here are the four most popular ways to organize shoes in a vertical section in a closet organizer

flat shoe shelves

17 shoe shelves in 84' high

First, so many pairs across per flat adjustable shelf.  Best for men.


  •  Easy to create and use
  • Combines pairs and a place to return a removed pair
  • Arrange by function or times worn
  • Visible when not hidden by hanging above
  • Adjustable spacing maximizes capacity


  • May require rearranging closet
  • Not most space efficient
  • Shoes exposed to dust

Variant:  Rollout shoe trays made to hold shoes two deep – almost double the capacity in a given area

shoe box storage

shoe storage using original shoe boxes

Second most popular shoe organization in a custom closet

Shoes kept in their shoeboxes stacked 2-4 high and so many across on adjustable shelves.  Two high for oft used, 4 high for lesser used.


  • more stored on fewer shelves
  • Dust free shoe storage
  • Most economical using fewer shelves


  • More handling to access shoes
  • Boxes not consistent size
  • Shoes not visible often forgotten

Helpful tip:  Mount a picture (from a website, catalog, or taken with your camera) on the front of the shoebox

Variant: Clear shoe drawer can solve the visibility issue but come at a higher cost with delicate acrylic construction.

shoe cubbiesThird most popular way in a closet system

Shoe cubbies sized to fit pumps, sandals, and moderate heels


  • 50% more in space compared to shoes flat on shelf
  • heel to toe storage shows the entire shoe style & color


  • size limits shoe style or type
  • Requires careful handling
display shoe shelves - slanted with a front lip

display shoe shelves - slanted with a front lip

Fourth most popular way in a closet design

Slanted shelf with front lip


  • Most decorative


  • requires most space per pair of shoes
  • Shelves less flexible