What color is best for a custom closet organizer?

What color works best for custom closets?  What will work with a contemporary, traditional, or transitional closet system?  The trick is to paint the walls a color – and choose a neutral color for the closet organizer!

Consider the closet as another room in your house. Would you paint your walls and trim all white, and then put white cabinets or built-ins in the same space?

Probably not!  Yet I often see this done in a custom closet.  Boring!  The same principles of interior design apply here, except your splashes of color and texture will come from the clothing and other items you will store in the closet.

Think of the closet organizers as the “trim” in your closet. Common trim colors are white, off white, and stained.  Match the closet shelving to the trim in your house.  Use white, ivory, almond, or stained wood tones that match or complement your interior trim.  Then paint the closet walls a color consistent with your color palette.  When it is time to redecorate down the road, just paint the walls a different color for a new look!

White closet systems have another advantage…they are the least expensive!

Spring Cleaning Your Closets

Walk in custom closet system
Walk in custom closet organizer

Spring is the perfect time for cleaning out closets. This is a particularly tough job and no one really wants to do it, but below are the top reasons you can and should.

  1. You will find things you actually like, need, and want.
  2. It may actually save you time. Organized closets allow us to take what we need and quickly move on with our day.
  3. There is a bright feeling about opening up a clean organized closet.
  4. This can lead to more organization in other parts of your life and home.
  5. It can give you a sense of stability. The order of your home can bring serenity.
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